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Hi there,
I am almost done translating our english website into french
I would like the preferred language of the droplets to be automatically set to french for all the droplets that are integrated in the french pages. I have already done all the translating and my guests do have the option to change the language, but it seems weird for them to have to switch to french when on a french page. Is there an argument that could be added to the script so it is set by default in french on the french pages and english in the english pages. Thanks for your help with this.


  • Hi @viniebenet3

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    Yes, you are able to preset the Customer Language when generating the Booking Widget(s) (formerly Droplets). 

    This is able to be done from the Additional Options menu at the bottom of the page, then by selecting the preselected language of your choice. 

    Here is a quick screenshot:

    Here is our documentation on the Booking Widgets advanced options:

    I hope this does the trick for you @viniebenet3. Please feel free to reach out to support from if you have any further questions. 

  • Near as I can tell this will not work.  This simply sets the droplet to the same language for EVERYONE. That is not what @viniebenet3 was asking for if I understand his question.

    We have Spanish and English.  If this is a repeat customer, the droplet should display in whichever language is currently selected in the customer profile.  If it is a new customer then we need the ability to tell the droplet which language to display depending on which version of our websites the clients are looking at. And of course the customer should be able to pick whichever language they prefer regardless of what is currently being displayed to them.
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi viniebenet3 and TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for circling back!

    To clarify, you'd want to set up webpages dedicated to the various languages, this way, you can embed the respective language Booking Widget per page.

    Customers will navigate through their preferred language of your website pages and Checkfront will generate with the matching language if applied.

    I hope this helps to shed some light but please let us know if this will not work for your case or if we have misunderstood anything.

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    ok...this helps.

    And to clarify...If this is a repeat customer, the droplet should display in whichever language is currently selected in the customer profile....this is not possible?

    We don't translate our webpages but use the Google Translate plugin so guests can use whatever language they wish.  We are a hotel.  We have clients from literally all over the world.
  • Hi @TurismoCaNica,

    I am glad to hear that Brittany was able to clarify my original solution for this. 

    In the case of a repeat customer, the Booking Widget/Droplet is not aware of the customer's profile information as they land on the page. This information is gathered on the booking form, and links to the customer profile from the email entered upon the booking creation. 

    This could be accomplished by using customer accounts, where your customers will have the ability to log-in to an account, which will then allow them to book in their preferred language that is saved. 

    Here is some additional information on Customer Accounts: Customer Accounts: Activation

    Alternatively, it would be just as fast or convenient for your customers to select the language upon arriving at the Widget/Droplet. 

    I hope it clarifies how our Booking Widget/Droplet works with customer preferred languages. 

    Please feel free to reply to this thread =, or send us an email to if you have any further questions. 

    All the best, 


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