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Imagine my surprise yesterday when the Get Your Guide API was launched.... Finally! Then imagine how bummed I felt when I couldn't connect my products to it, sure I can connect one item to one Get Your Guide product. With Checkfront though we have multiple items of the same tour at different times e.g. 10AM-12PM, 1PM-3PM and 5PM-7PM (3 items with 3 different product ID's ). On Get Your Guide we have multiple starting times on the same product, so e.g. 10AM-12PM, 1PM-3PM and 5PM-7PM (3 starting times) but we can only activate one item per product. So bookings on 1PM-3PM would go into the 10AM-12PM option if that's the one selected. Weird this haven't been thought about before launching something this important. Could we please get this fixed ASAP? 


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    Hi @Lars886

    Thanks for your interest in our new GetYourGuide integration. 

    During setup, GetYourGuide only allows operators to map one GetYourGuide Product option to one Checkfront Item. When setting up multiple time-slots for the same tour in Checkfront, it is best to use one Item with multiple time-slots, rather than multiple Items with one time-slot each. 
    If you create a single Item that has three matching time-slots, then the GetYourGuide integration will work correctly.

    Note: GetYourGuide only considers the start time of the Product, not the duration of the Product, so you would want to make your Item's time-slots match the start times and duration in GetYourGuide

    Alternatively, you could make three Product Options in GetYourGuide, so that GetYourGuide products matches the unique Item configuration you have in Checkfront

    Thanks for reaching out. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions - We're here to help. 

    Take care,

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