Forcing people to Stripe

2 of the biggest new features that I have seen recently (reserve with google) and (tourshield) are both only available if we use Stripe (which happens to be essentially the most expensive payment processor there is). Is this something we should expect to continue because it is a real shame if future development will be tailored only to users who use one specific processor. 


  • going with the same direction as @clueiq, I have a more direct question:

    Does CheckFront gets a commission from Stripe (or any sort of "financial reward") for processing payements through their platform ?


    PS: I'm not directly impacted by this, as I don't process payment via CF but I'm curious and I believe it would be only fair towards your Customers to be fully transparent on this matter.

  • StephanieStephanie Checkfront
    Thanks for your question. In both of these cases, Stripe being a condition of the integration was due to functionality that they provide to route payments, as well as them being our most widely (geographically) supported and adopted payment gateway. While there may be a handful of other gateways that could support these features in the future, every additional option adds time and requires commitment from both sides of the partnership to develop and test. Which ones would you like to see?

    Both Checkfront and the partners we work with on these integrations have mutual desire to provide as many customers as possible with these new features, it’s just always a matter of where can we find the most traction out of the gate. While many payment processors have partner programs in place, from a Product perspective this did not weigh into the decision of which payment gateway was chosen. Thanks again for your continued engagement in our forums.
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