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I have set up my bookings to be on a Friday only as i have a minimum of 7 nights in the summer periods.

when i do this it comes up unavailable for customers until you click unavailable and then change the start day to a Friday and a minimum of 7 days!

Customers will certainly not know to do this and its quite confusing.I could potentially lose customers through this issue.

how can i change this?


  • I also just noticed that i have made a specific date in october not avaialable (sunday). Now customers cannot book until the tuesday after. How can i change it so that customers can book from the monday?
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    Hi @dumfriesmotorhomes,

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    I've just reviewed your booking page and it seems as though when attempting to book during the summer season on any other day besides Friday as a start, the item appears available but the popup will read an error that mentions it requires a Friday start.

    This would be the intended flow behind availability and forced start day of the week but perhaps you've made some adjustments that improved the initial experience you noticed?

    I can also confirm that October 5th and onward is now available to be booked.

    If you're still experiencing these problems please feel free to get in touch at and we'll be glad to troubleshoot further.

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