Open a booking for a short period only.

I am seeing a lot more last minute bookings, but people want to come later and do a shorter ride than my full day tours. I do not want to jeopardize my full day tour inventory by having people book shorter tours later in the day and then not having enough inventory for people who want to book full day tours. 

Currently people have to come to my shop on the day of hire to book the shorter tours and only after the 10am deadline for the full day tour so I know what stock I have left. 

Is there a way where I could have a half-day tour item that the booking form can only be seen after 10am each day for that day using the remaining inventory? This would allow people to book an afternoon tour online without having to call or come to the shop first. And because it is not seen until my full day tour closes, I will not lose revenue from people who couldn't book a full day tour because the half day booking used up my inventory. 


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    Hi @PhilW,

    Thank you for your question!

    We do not have any sort of official functionality to support that certain offers only become available at a given time of day.

    As a workaround, assuming that you take bookings directly on your website by using the Checkfront booking widget, you may be able to create a webpage dedicated to 'last-minute bookings', and this page can contain an embed/widget of the 'last-minute' version of your offers. This way, you can add custom CSS specific to this webpage that hides date selection and defaults to the current date. And the last-minute versions of items would need to be aliased to the original full day so that they share the same inventory.

    With that being said, the last-minute version of items would still be visible on your Checkfront reserve page so there would still be a very small chance that customers could access this if they happen to know your Checkfront booking page.

    And it's also important to note that custom code is not in our regular scope of work so any extra code and maintenance would fall under your responsibility.

    This is quite a robust workaround so if this sounds like it could do the trick for you, may I ask that you send us an email at We'd be happy to assist further there.

    Kind regards,


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