Issue Gift certificates for cancelled bookings instead of refunds

On occasion I have people who pay up front for our tours and then later cancel. Rather than having to do a refund I would like to be able to send a customer a voucher or gift certificate for the value of the booking deposit or the amount they have paid and for them to use and book with at a later date. 

This would mean being able to change the booking by adding a gift certificate for the value of the booking and deleting the original booked product and re-sending an email with the update and gift certificate code. Sounds good in theory. I have created a gift certificate and have a category of gift certificates but when I go to add an item in the booking, the gift certificate category appears but there are no items in the drop down menu to add. Am i missing something? Is there a way to do this?

I cannot find anywhere in the knowledge base or on the forums that sounds similar to this, Look forward to a reply.


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