Calendar Bug - 10 years ago it was a feature, now its a bug!

i forwarded this topic already a few years ago!
today 80 % of users are mobile on our website (like in rest of internet also, i think)

but if you open the booking calendar on a mobile device you get the native android or iphone calendar! This is killing the conversion rate completely because the AVAILABILITY is missing! So people need to pick dates as long they have a lucky pick and product is available. 

Im sure many checkfront user dont even tested that as most of us are using checkfront on desktop. 

Please urgently remove the iphone/android calendar with an checkfront availability calendar. 


  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @Patrick,

    Thanks for checking in on this! I can certainly see why it would be helpful to use a date picker that displays availability instead of the operating systems' date pickers especially given that mobile users are so prominent today.

    I've added an additional note to the feature improvement request so that our Product team can take your insight into account when we revise the customer booking page down the road.

    While I don't have a timeline for you right now, we'll be sure to let you know of changes through our 'updates' menu or as always, feel free to check in with us at

    Have a great weekend,
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