Creation of a customised Invoice

Hello there,

So, I'm facing this problem and hope someone can really help me,
We have an option that is not bookable through the system and we ask the clients to contact us directly in order to book this option (because it's really rare someone wants it). 
The problem is that for this kind of reservation, the price is the normal one plus 50% more.

So for instance, if the price for the normal experience is 100 if you want this option the price is 100+(100:2)=150.

Therefore here arrive the question: it’s possible to create an item that is possible to be used just for us? Items that we can apply to the invoice when we are doing a reservation manually inside the system?

Basically I want to know if it's possible to create a sort of customized Invoice for certain clients,

I really hope I have been clear enough explaining the problem,

Thanks in advance,



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