Using 'Alias To' and not working, solutions?

Hi there,

We are a hire company and I am having an overbooking issue after using the 'Alias To' feature.

We have a furniture (sofads and chairs), which are a base unit. We then have different colours of cushions that these can go out with but not enough bases for all the colours. 

So therefore in Checkfront I have created a 'base' unit for a sofa (for example), and then created colour options.
We have 2x bases, and 4x different colours available. Each colour is a seperate inventory item, with qty: 1, base is qty: 2.

The base inventory item looks like it is overriding the colour inventory item and therefore shows up as 2 being available. 
What should be happening is a customer can only book in 1 in that colour as we only have the one available.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to make this work? We don't want to have one inventory item and then customer choose the colour as we want all colours showing up as seperate items on the booking system. We have used this before with other items and it worked well, but not so much with this scenario.



  • Hello fallonjking,

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    The 'Aliasing' feature works by pointing multiple items to a single inventory pool. Aliased items no longer use their own inventory pools; they only use the inventory pool of the item they are aliased to.

    So, if you have aliased the 'color' items (inventory of 1) to the 'base' item (inventory of 2), then all of these items will share a single inventory pool of '2'.

    It sounds like aliasing is not exactly what you need for this situation, as you actually have several completely separate inventory pools. Could I please ask that you reach out to us directly at For specific configuration questions such as these, it is very helpful if we are able to look at your account so that we can provide the best possible solution.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • I'd be happy to hear about the suggested solutions/work-around.

    I have a similar problem, due to the fact that CheckFront doesn't offer the possibility to manage serialised items.

    See my other post about it today

    And since new discussion need to be "approved" (!) before been published, I can not include a link to the thread in this post!….

    so I just gonna copy the content here:

    I have a sort of a similar problem, due to the fact that CheckFront doesn't offer the possibility to manage serialised items.

    Let's say I'm a car rental company.

    I have 3 Opel Corsa  (OC1, OC2, & OC3)

    I have 2 Peugeot 807 (P1, P2)

    While I want my customer to be able to choose between an Opel Corsa or a Peugeot 807, I don't want him to be able to see and choose specifically which Opel Corsa (or which Peugeot 807).

    But then, I need to allocate a specific one (OC1 or OC2 or OC3, etc) to the booking, so we always know which customer has which car.

    Obviously, the availability (of the generic car) should be synced accordingly.

    ie if 1 client has OC1, another client has OC2, then when a new customer book, there should be only 1 Opel Corsa avail left.

    What is your suggestion for such case, with minimum manual modification by the staff after receiving the booking ?


  • joe_checkfrontjoe_checkfront Checkfront
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    Hi Dedric,

    Thanks for your question!

    At this time the best way to go about this configuration is to list each of these individual vehicles to your customers. They would be created as their own items, and you could create a base 'vehicle' inventory control item that is a 'Required - Hidden' add-on to each of the individual vehicles.

    While we don't yet have the functionality to manage this inventory in the backend, our upcoming update Resource Management is designed to allow for this type of functionality with serialized assets. 

    I hope this helps clarify how we can manage these rentals! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at if you would like more information on how to get this set up. We're happy to help!


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  • Damm even I am having a similar kind of issue, I have searched all over the internet and even have posted on number of threads on different forum, no solution seems to work. I am really frustrated, can anyone of you here help me resolve this issue, I am very much tired now.
  • Hi @derekpittx,

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    It sounds like you're looking for some assistance with advanced inventory management in Checkfront.

    Since each companies needs may vary I'd invite you to send us an email at so that we can lend a hand, specific to your needs.

    We're looking forward to hearing from you.



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