Can checkfront be used to built a site that accepts booking payments in bitcoins?

I am very curios to build 2 websites, 1st is an ecom web site and 2nd will be rental services website. In both, payment will be exclusive and will only be accepted in bitcoins. My idea is, a lot of people all over the world have bitcoins, most of them have lost hope and have them as waste in their wallets. But one mans trash is another mans treasure riight?! so i will provide them an opportunity to use their coins in exchange of products and services. Of course price will be little higher that usual but they dont have to use real money! So again my question stands, How can I use checkfront to setup such kind of website? Is it possible?


  • Hi @jamesabennett,

    Thanks for your question!

    We don't currently integrate with any payment gateways that support Bitcoin as a payment method.

    You may be able to create a custom booking flow with external means for transactions with Bitcoin but it may not be quite a seamless as you were hoping as you'll have to manually add Bitcoin payment as POS in Checkfront.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have a payment gateway that supports Bitcoin in mind and we'd be glad to submit the integration as a feature request for our Product team to consider.



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  • Yepp sure will do that as soon as I figure it out! Although I've found some guide on bitcoin futures trading exchange
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    @jamesabennett where are you located? Have you ever heard of this event? I will be attending for the 3rd year in a role and would be able to connect you to others making these types of ideas come to life.

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  • I am working as a freelancer for some eCommerce site. So I have to keep some of the facts regarding these. But I want a glance of you all that I really need some info like stepchange number. And where it is interlinked with bitcoin. As I am not so aware can any one let me aware about it.

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