Direct link to product: Without date picker?

Hi there,

A lot of our tours are sold through email after lengthy discussions with the customer. When the customer is ready to book, we want to be able to send a link to a specific product to a customer so they can carry out the booking. 

Sounds simple right? But we are unable to find a perfect solution. 

We have found this way:

INVENTORY> ITEMS> [Choose your item] > CLICK PREVIEW. 
This opens a customer booking page with the product (inventory item) chosen. However it also shows the date picker at the top (see pic).

Is there a way we can remove the date picker? 

Thank you


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I have a couple of suggestions depending on your use case:

    If you use the Droplet booking portal to add your Checkfront booking page to your website, the Droplet has an option to remove the date picker under Manage > Add-ons > Website Integrations > Droplet > "Hide date pickers".

    Alternatively, the date picker can be removed on your Customer Booking Page using CSS. (Please note that help with CSS is outside the scope of what our support can offer as the codes could potentially change with updates and new releases, and no longer work as expected. Any customization that you want to make to the front-end will be entirely up to you. However, I'd be happy to give you a snippet of code to get you on the right track.)

    To remove the date picker from your booking page, try adding the follow code under Manage > Layout > Booking Page > CSS Editor:

    #cf-query {display: none;}

    Additionally, if you are looking to send customers to a specific product, your Hosted Booking Page URL can be edited to link customers directly to particular product/item as outlined in this tutorial here.

    I hope this helps, and feel free to reach out at if you have any other questions.

    All the very best,


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  • Perfect! 

    We found that the date picker was confusing our customers with them thinking this was the (start) date of the tour, instead of actually choosing their specific tour date.

    Using the CSS has done the trick! They now just see the product and book accordingly.

    Thank you for your speedy solution! 
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