Fixed length items booking problems

I am new to Checkfront and am setting up everything for our company at the moment. 
Besides our daily trips (rafting, canyoning) and our accomodations we also run kayak courses with various lenghts (1-5 days). Since the kayak courses are not daily and the dates are unregular, I have to set up every single course with an extra item event (any other solution?)

At the moment I am trying to figure  out the following problems with the kayak courses in the booking form: 

For example we have a 4 day kayak course from 1st of May until 4th of May, set with an item event
If I as a customer now look for a kayak course in the hero page booking form and enters the date 2nd of May - I won´t find any available courses. That is a bit misleading, because there actually is a course happening at the time, just starting one day earlier. Is there any solution to this? 

The strange thing is that I also added a 5-day-course that would start on the 1st of May. If I select again the 2nd of May (which would be the second day of both courses) it shows the 5-day-course but not the 4-day-course on the hero page. The items should have the same options, so I don´t really understand why it does not work. 

Also If a customer for example wants to look up which courses we offer between 15th of April and 15th of May - he won´t find any courses available in the booking form, which again is misleading since there are plenty of courses in that period. 

So only If I select start date 1st of May (where actually an item event is starting) - until whenever - it will show available courses. 

Next little issue is that I we have two parallel courses with different starting days. For example one 5-day-course starting on monday, one starting on tuesday, it will just be the same item with two different item events. However It will mix the inventory together - I can´t just have 16 places for the course on monday, and 16 places for the course on tuesday - right? 

Is there a better solution to all of this? Everything works really nice with the daily trips, but all the multi-day-courses and trips  I find quite hard to set up. 

Thanks a lot in advance, 


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