Escape Room Inventory Control

We have 3 rooms available to book at our escape room.  They all start at the same time.  Example 1st time slot for all of them is 12pm.   I have 2 employees on staff.    So for the 12pm time slot .  When 1 of the 3 games book 12pm  the other 2 are available.  But when 2 games book for the 12pm time slot i would like it to close out the 3rd time slot.  Not sure how to go about this.


  • Hi @Jeremyb,

    Great question!

    You can create a backend item that controls the fact that there are only ever 2 staff available and package the 3 room type items to this control item as 'required-hidden' so that while there are three options if there are no current bookings, the moment there are 2 bookings for the same time all appear to be sold out.

    We're glad to expand on this further -- feel free to send us an email at if you'd like!

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