Setting seasonal dates for availability

Thanks, but this doesn't seem to work.

I deleted all my inventory (I didn't have any live bookings yet).

I then created each entry, and set the default status to unavailable.

I then created a rate called "Seasonal", set it to be a seasonal rate, recurring every year, with a start date of May 30 and end date of Oct 15. I then set it to apply to all items and saved the data.

At that point, no rooms were available for today (and that's correct - as I had the default status set to unavailable).

HOWEVER, the moment I set the default status on the first room to "available", it showed up as available for today. In other words - the seasonal rate did not preclude today's date.


  • My apologies if this is discussed elsewhere; I have yet to find it.

    We are looking at using Checkfront on our Joomla powered website. We run a wilderness resort in California, and we are only open from May 30 - October 15.

    How do we setup our inventory so that the rooms are only available during those times?
  • Hello,

    When you setup your inventory, set the default status to unavailable (located at the bottom of the inventory item edit page). Then create a rate from May 30 to Oct 15th and make the status available.

    Hope that helps!
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