Blocking out tour dates without tours disappearing and no Summary under item in booking page?

I do apologize if this subject has been raised, but I couldn't find anything during a search. 

We run day tours, part of the year we are not open for e.g. 30th NOV 2019 to 1st FEB 2020. 

So that no one can book on or during these dates we have used the Events feature to block these dates out. However, now when someone lands on our booking page or just wishes to browse through our tours, they are faced with a blank page! This looks extremely bad. 

We are unable to find a work around?

Do we really have to keep the tours “bookable” for the months we are closed just so our customers can browse through our tour?

We risk customers booking in December-January when we are closed. 

Why can’t the tours remain there but with just the months we closed unavailable to book? 

I really hope there is a solution.

Also, ive seen others using Checkfront for tours and they seem to have a small summary under the item image? How do I get this? See image:


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