I'd like the ability to add Customer Notes

that would come up when re-booking a previous guest so I can see what, if any, problems they may have caused, or if they were really awesome. We had a guest that had dogs and left them in the room for 6 hours at a time, they peed all over the rugs and barked incessantly. I'd like to know this so I can factor this in to whether I'll rent to them again or ban them altogether.


  • here is what I've done:

    I've added a custom field.
    I called it "Internal Note"
    Parameters for this field:
    Customer               0 Show on form     0 Required     0 Show on invoice
    Staff                        X Show on form     0 Required     0 Show on invoice
    Customer Profile     X Attach this field to the customer profile
    Contact Info            0 Display this field in the contact info section of the invoice

    This allow a place to save information that can only be seen by Staff.

    If a booking is created by a Staff, the field will be automatically filled with the info at the time of creation, so you can make the appropriate decision.

    You can even include the content of this field in a notification, using "{$name_of_field}".

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a way (and I've tried hard!!) to have the content of this field to be added/"imported" to a booking made by the customer.
    The field needs to be "Shown on form" only to Staff (for obvious reason), therefore, CheckFront doesn't fill it with saved info when the Customer creates its booking!!!!

    is there a way to change that ?
  • Hey there! Kendra here from the product team at Checkfront - great timing for sharing this use case with us. Our team is looking at better ways to add guest notes that appear where guest information appears so that you can save information only seen by Staff. 

    Stay tuned for more insights on next steps from us! 
  • Customer Notes have been on the feature request list for almost three years now: https://www.checkfront.com/forum/discussion/comment/4212/
  • Great!
    That would defo be very helpful.

    On the topic of Customer's info, I understand that during the 1st ever booking made by a new customer the info he submits are stored in his profile (for fields with the option "Attach this field to customer profil");
    then when a returning customer creates a new booking, these info are used to pre-fill the new booking.

    But then these info are not automatically updated if modified on the booking.
    They can only be modified through the Customer's profile page.

    Would it be possible to have the option of auto-updating of fields every time a booking is submitted ?
    This option would be set individually for each field, as some may be required to not be updated automatically (as it currently is), while others should...

    I hope this makes sense.

  • Bump for this feature on our end. If we were able to add a bit more detail under the main customer profile then we would not need a separate CRM system. In addition to notes, we've talked internally about new fields like "VIP" and "Loyal Guest" in addition to fields for anniversaries and birthdays. We don't need a full blown, expensive CRM system, so simple additions like this to the customer profile would be a huge help to running our business at the next level and add a lot of value to Checkfront as a whole to us...
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    Another bump!  Ditto to the above post.  We have a lot of repeat business & this would save a LOT of time for customers & for us.
  • yep, another basic feature that it would be nice to see become a reality…

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