Does anyone have any experience of hotel booking systems for smaller hotels?

Hello everyone,,

I have a contract coming up which includes an online booking system for rooms at a hotel.

Although this is comparitively straight forward, I'm wooried about the atual implementation on the hotel's side of things.

This being a small independent hotel, do I need to tell them to scrap their existing paper based system, or should the new way compliment what they already have.

Does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing?


  • Hi @Ramond,

    I hope you're doing well!

    While Checkfront is intended to eliminate a lot of the manual paperwork involved in running a reservation-based business, you can certainly export reports generated in Checkfront and perhaps continue referring to manual reports made but while using Checkfront for other various tasks.

    It's our hope that your client would be able to seamlessly make the switch over to Checkfront and find the paper-based system not as necessary.

    We'd be glad to help with the process of considering Checkfront at

    We hope to hear from you soon!

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