Online booking software for tour company?

Hello everyone,,
looking for help finding a product that meets my needs if possible.

I'm starting a local tour company and wondering if anyone here has experience or a recommendation on the best way to have an interactive booking option online. There will basically be a set number of different themed tours (10-18 seasonal) and I want people to be able to add to cart/pay for them as well as view available times and book them. These are being booked on a per-vehicle basis, not a per-seat basis, so people can select both the tour they want and the time they want, as long as it fits in an open timeslot. I would need to be able to black-out certain dates from the back-end.

This seems like a relatively simple app thing that would apply to many businesses from tours/sightseeing, to equipment/scooter/bike rentals, to schools/lessons. Is there a plug-in for something or a storefront that does this? I am starting from scratch and asking now so I can design the web presence around it, because other than the standard company info, that's most of the website.


  • Hi @Jaweri,

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    It sounds like Checkfront may be a good solution for your needs.

    With Checkfront, you can set up tours with vehicles as a resource based on times as well as implement seasonal availability with item events.

    Please feel free to get in touch with us at to chat further and in the meantime, our Knowledge Base and YouTube channel may be helpful.

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