How to integrate API data on a wordpress website?

Hello guys,,
I know nothing about coding, but recently I was asked if there is any chance I could help putting a simple wordpress website online for a friend's company. He said that once the website is online, another person will integrate some software to manage memberships and classes, etc. The website is now practically done, everything is running and I have come into contact with the other person that would handle the integration of the payment plans and such. He asked me if I can import data of an API onto the website. At first I assumed it was something like installing a plugin or similar, but after a few hours trying to find out what that means, I have no idea how or what I am supposed to do. He sent me an "about" page which has all the API info I need, but it all looks like a giant wall of text and I can hardly make sense out of it haha. Is this something a person without knowledge of coding can handle?


  • @Mintu I would be willing to look into this and possibly help.

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  • API can be used to pull in data from any source on to your WordPress website.
  • Hi
    You can use the Plugin on your wordpress website with a few easy steps.
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