Discount applied, no discount received

I'm developing an API integration for a client and they want to use discount codes

I'm sending the discount code correctly in the rated request (e.g.[qty]=1&start_time=09:00&end_time=17:00&discount_code=HELLOWORLD) but the response isn't showing the discounted price at all

[RESPONSE].item.summary.details has "(15% OFF)" at the end of it but the price still shows as the full price. It's the same for [RESPONSE].item.rate.sub_total too.

Is the correct price in some other place?


  • Hi jake,

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    Since this can be affected by the specific configuration in the account, could I ask that you email us directly at with this question, and include the URL of the Checkfront account? Then I can better look at why the discount may not have applied, or where in the response the discount may be indicated.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

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