Looking for a Wordpress developer who knows Checkfront REST API and PHP

I apologize for my lack of developer lingo... My developer who helped me customize my site (not sure if I call it front end or back end, or both) and integrate my site w/Checkfront is no longer able to assist.  My high season is approaching so I'm looking for someone who, according to my ex-developer, knows REST API and PHP.  Must have the ability to take what I'm asking for and look for a potentially better way to do it based mainly on maximizing bookings. I need someone who is able to quickly understand how my site is currently setup and how to quickly integrate some of my potentially more complicated requests.  Please only reply if you're confident you've got what it takes to quickly get up to speed and help with my recent list of improvements to my booking system.  I am a small business and have a small budget but I don't think this will require many hours.  So if you're looking for a big project with a high budget, that's not me.  My site is www.aristocatcharters.com, Wordpress Magazine Theme Pro, we are a sailing tour company. smey18@gmail.com. 

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