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so I run tours in multiple cities. I want to offer a select few pickup & drop off locations. but the issue I see is I don't want the choices showing up on every single tour. how do I do this?

Heres an example: a tour has 7 pickup spots in SF then 6 drop off choices in LA but another tour that starts in Vegas has different pickup options..

the current way looks like it would show all the cities options on every single tour. 


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    Hi @hostel,

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    If each tour has different pickup and drop off locations, you can create custom booking form fields unique to each tour type. 

    In the 'Advanced' tab of the form field builder, you can select which items (tours) are applicable to the particular field. This allows you to set that the form field in question will display with respect to a certain item being booked.

    Feel free to check out our help guide on the booking form field advanced tab here.

    As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@checkfront.com.

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