Set-Up Help for Mobile Car Wash

I would click some suggestions on the best way to set up Categories/Items for a mobile car wash company. The company has three separate packages (Full Detail, Basic Detail & Wash+Wax). There are several different employees that work within a couple of different cities. 

What I'd like is a customer could book a package and select the employee that they would like to use. Kind of like selecting a haircut at a salon, then selecting the hairstylist. 

Should the packages be the categories or the item?

Does CheckFront have any area to select a person?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • edited October 2019
    You're going to find the process of assigning employees to be cumbersome and frustrating using the current version of Checkfront. They have been teasing a "Resource Management" functionality since 2015, but it keeps getting pushed back year after year.
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