Sending an email from the booking page


when viewing an existing booking, there is an option (on the left menu) to send an email to the customer. Great.
The subject of this email is automatically pre-filled. great.
but with the products names booked! not good!
This makes the subject of the email very busy, confusing, and not very user friendly at all.

Is there a way to customise what the subject should be filled with automatically ? (I know it can be edited manually obviously, but if it's already doing the job of automatically filling the subject, it might as well do it in a useful way).



  • If not possible to customise it, I think it would be better to have the subject being like
    "Your booking {$BOOKING_ID}"

    "Your booking {$BOOKING_ID} - from {$BOOKING_START_DATE} to {$BOOKING_END_DATE}"

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