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In the dashboard, in the "Bookings" widget, bookings are shown in "Today", "Open" and "Upcoming" tabs; which is a great feature.

But I'm just wondering what is the current criteria to define a booking as "Upcoming" ? (I'm guessing it's a certain number of days in the future)
And must importantly, I think it would be nice to be able to change this criteria, to make it suits individual needs.

Some businesses with many bookings per day might want to only see bookings coming up in the next 2-3 days,
while other businesses needs to consider shipping times and/or operate with items that require a longer preparation time to see bookings coming up in the next week or more (my case) to allow for more accurate anticipation (and in-time delivery).

Thoughts ?



  • I would just like to see bookings in the "Upcoming" box sorted by date with soonest dates appearing first at the top of the list. On my dashboard, they're sorted in reverse so I have to scroll to the bottom to see what is actually upcoming. As implemented, I find this box to be completely useless.
  • AmyAmy Checkfront

    Hi Dedric and parawing742,

    I hope you're both doing well.

    This is great insight into how the 'Upcoming' section of the bookings dashboard widget would work best for you.

    Currently, this area will reflect bookings that start within the upcoming week but I agree that being able to customize this would be a great improvement to accommodate different business verticals so I've suggested this to our Product team.

    For now, I'd suggest relying on the Booking Index to get a good idea of what bookings are starting within your desired time frame.

    As always, thanks so much for providing us with your ideas!

    Take care,


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