Custom Gift Certificate Amounts

I would like for customers to be able to choose the amount they want to buy the gift card for rather than having to only offer pre-selected amounts. 


  • AmyAmy Checkfront
    Hi clueiq,

    Thank you for your question!

    While setting a custom gift certificate amount is not currently possible as a customer, I have added your name to our existing feature request that suggests this feature improvement.

    I think this is a great idea too although I can't say if or when this change could be added.

    Your feedback is appreciated and please don't hesitate to get in touch should any other questions come up.

    All the best,


    Technical Support Specialist
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  • Hi Amy,

    I would like to be to on the list for this feature request. 

    Something that I would really like for my business. 


  • Hi Mike, 

    Thank you for being part of our forums! 

    I have added you to the feature request list for Custom Gift Certificate amounts. 

    Best Regards,


    Technical Support Specialist

    Checkfront | | Email:

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