Multiple Price List or Negotiated Rate for Different Customers


currently, CheckFront only manages 1 global price structure/strategy for all customers.

It would be greatly helpful to have the possibility to offer either a different price list/structure, or at least exclusive discount(s) to certain (selected) customers accounts.

any suggestions how to do this ?


  • This has already been on the feature request since November 2015:
  • I'm hoping Checkfront will comment to let their customers know about the direction they are taking (or not!).
    But the minimum would be to inform us...
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    Hi Dedric, 

    Thanks for your comments and feedback - please see my reply on this thread here

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  • So, in short, to make sure I understand correctly (and everyone else in the forum),

    there won't be a new feature allowing multiple price lists, like B2B price vs B2C price ?
  • Hi Dedric,

    Thank you for your reply!

    That's correct. While I understand this is important to you, I can confirm that it's not something being actively worked on by Checkfront at this time. However, I have logged it as a potential feature request, so that it's on our radar for the future. 

    Thanks again,
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  • Very sad to hear this.  Pretty much every other booking management product has this capability along with the ability to offer "non-refundable" rates and in general a much more flexible rate structure. We have had to give up on our Business Customer rate scales and charge them all the same regardless and even then we have to set the rate manually each and every time (and again if we edit the reservation).  And the invoice still can't show their actual daily rate...and they all ask for confirmation when they check out.
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for joining in on this discussion.

    I've gone ahead and made note that this feature request for customer-specific pricing is important to you as well.

    In terms of refundable/non-refundable options, you could potentially create an item for each type and alias them together, however, this may not be ideal so I've relayed this idea over to our Product team as a feature improvement request as well.

    As always, thank you for your insight and please feel free to get in touch at if you have any follow up questions.

    Take care,
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