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We have 3 different escape rooms and we do private events that require the use of all 3 at once.I am trying to figure out how to set this up so an event is only bookable if all 3 rooms are free and then once booked it closes off all 3 rooms. I can do it with any 1 room with aliasing but you can't add more than 1 alias. I tried making it a forced/hidden package add on but doesn't seem to be working. 


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    Hi clueiq,

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    Using required-hidden packaging is typically the recommended way to go about this configuration.

    It requires adding each room as a required hidden packaged add-on to the 'Entire Facility' item.

    This way, all three rooms must be available in order for the 'Entire Facility' to be booked and if the 'Entire Facility' is booked, it should then consume each rooms' inventory for that date/time.

    It looks like you've sent us an email about this so I'll be sure to follow up there as it seems there are a few more account-specific pieces (like private vs. shared bookings) to your particular configuration.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Talk to you soon,
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