Category With 2 parameters

I have a tour that has one category and 2 items attached to it
Adult Pricing and Child Pricing
The problem is they have 2 different commision $ amounts
$5 Child and $10 Adult
How do I make this happen when setting it up


  • Hi scorp,

    Thank you for your question!

    I'd suggest creating the adult pricing and child pricing as their own items (if they share the same inventory you'd want to alias them together).

    This will allow you to set a commission per item type in the 'Pricing' tab of the inventory builder.

    Additionally, you could incorporate Product Grouping if you'd like the two offers (child vs. adult) listed in a drop-down menu instead of individually.

    I'd be happy to expand further on the required steps for this if you could please send us an email at

    Technical Support Lead
    Checkfront | | Email:
  • Hey @scorp ...We have the same problem. For example we use multiple transportation services and can use more than 1 on the same booking. We may also have different types of services on a single reservation that we pay commissions for.  We can neither change the commission per service provider nor allow multiple commission partners on the same Booking. This has been on the Request list for about 3 years now and no progress. So we have to track everything by hand.
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