Checkfront link open in New Window? [DONE]

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Hey Terri,

I'm using
Checkfront Booking Plugin - version 1.0 for Joomla
Thanks for the support,



  • Is it possible for the link back to checkfront home page in the bottom corner of the form to open in a new window?
    At present it navigates away from my website booking page and opens up the checkfornt home page, even if users are half way through booking a room.
    I am running this through Joomla, any way of doing it through this platform (force all links on the booking page to open in new window?) Have tried to find a setting in there, but without forcing ALL links to open in a new window I'm stuck!
  • Hi Steve,

    This is a fair enough request. We'll make it happen in the next version of the plugin. What plugin are you using?
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