AirBnb\VRBO sync

Hey all,  anyone have any issues with pricing or calendars not syncing with Airbnb or VRBO?  I have read some horror stories on other platforms dealing with OTA's and syncing everything.  Currently 99% of our business is direct booking, but I keep adding properties and I would like to start working with OTA's.



  • Hi Doug,

    Thanks for using our forums!

    In order to sync with Air BnB and VRBO, it's recommended to use our integration with MyAllocator as this method supports two-way sync (Checkfront > MyAllocator and MyAllocator > Checkfront).

    You can find out more about our MyAllocator integration here and of course, please feel free to reach us at if any questions come up.

    All the best,

    Checkfront Support Team
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