Need Inventory Item that is NOT shown on Invoice

How do I create an Inventory item that is NOT shown on an Invoice?  We have some "internal" inventory items that we need to add to a booking but we cannot show them on an invoice for clients to see.



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    Hi TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for your question!

    To hide Items completely from customer invoices the Items would need to be added as 'Required - Hidden' package Items.

    Please see our help guide on packaging items here.

    Have a great day!


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    Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about that switch..

    1) The Item I am attaching is a Parent Item and it does not allow me to set the parameters of the child which is set up as "Per 15 minutes".  The only way to set the date & time is to go back and edit the child item after it has been added to the booking. Also the time slots do not default to the "2 x" I have set for the default length so I have to pick both the beginning and end time, every time I add this to the invoice.

    2) but even worse...there is no way for me to print an invoice for the customer with this NOT on the invoice because as far as I can tell there is no way under any circumstances for me to print the Customer version of the invoice. This is already a problem with Customer Language as I am unable to print an invoice in the language of the customer, which happens over 80% of the time.

    3) The documentation...and the notation when I set the item to Required/Hidden says the Item is Free.  But yet I can set a cost for the item and it will be added to the invoice. Or if the Item cost is 0, I can still edit the item and add a cost.

  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    Thank you for your reply and feedback.

    I am sorry there are no perfect options to address this right now.

    As for printing the customer invoice, there is no simple option for this right now either. We are looking into adding a link that can be used by staff to access the customer invoice, but I cannot say when this may be added.

    I do have some possible suggestions, but I am going to email you directly to discuss them further.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions about this.

    All the best,

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