Discount -10% when 5 or more quantity is selected?


I can't figure out how to set certain percentage of discount based on quantity?
If my customer select 5 or more boards for rent I would like to give him -10% on total...

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  • Hi Erik,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You can create a 10% discount based on the quantity selected for one Item by using a ruleset that has a minimum quantity of '5'. 

    To create your ruleset, go to the Rules page (Inventory > Rules) and click the 'New Ruleset' button. You can then name your new ruleset, add a Minimum duration per item of '5' and save the new rule.

    Next, go to your Discounts page (Inventory > Discounts) and select "Create New Discount". Set your discount name, a percentage amount, and code (if you want a code applied to redeem this discount). Remember to attach the ruleset you made in the first step, apply the discount to the Items you would like, and Save your new discount. That's it - you are all done!

    Now when customers book 5 or more of a specific board (Item), there will be a discount of 10% applied to the total. 

    Please note: Discounting a total of 5 separate items is not currently possible in an automated approach.

    You may also find the below links helpful:
    Creating a Discount
    Creating a New Ruleset

    Feel free to reach us at if any further questions come up.

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