Minimum QTY for specific time slots in inventory


I created rule for minimum booking quantity 3.
Then I added the item event for specific item and here I selected only 3 time slots in Applicable Times option.

But when I test it this minimum qty rule is affecting on all time slots in the item? What I am doing wrong?



  • Hi there Erik! 

    Thanks for reaching out through our Forums :)

    Currently, Item Events will only affect the availability of specific timeslots selected by setting the event to either Available or Unavailable. 

    When applying a rule to these events, these Rules will apply to the entire item when booking. Meaning that the minimum booking quantity rule of 3 you have added to the item event, will apply to all timeslots in the selected item. 

    I hope that clarifies how Rules affect timeslots in Item Events for you Erik! 

    Additionally, I have added you to our Feature Request list for this capability to be reviewed by our Product team :)

    All the best, 

    Technical Support Specialist
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  • Thank you...
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