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the main search box (on the top right corner) only accept "Customer name" or "Booking id".

it would be extremely helpful to be able to search for "item name" and "sku".

Is that something you could add (in the near future!) ?



  • Hi Dedric,

    Thanks for using our forums! This seems like a similar suggestion to one of your other posts. 

    Making the SKU and Item Name values searchable would be a great way to build upon the search functionality. In general, I would suggest using the Booking Index if you're looking to find bookings with a specific Item.
    There is an existing feature request for SKU searchability. It looks like another Support team member has already added your account to this request. 

    I've gone ahead and created a second request for the Item Name to be searchable as well. I'm not able to provide a timeline on these feature requestsWith that said, I can see how this search could be helpful by making it a bit faster to find Items.

    Thanks again, 

    Ryan Lainchbury
    Technical Support
    Checkfront | | Email:

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