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I have successfully setup SMS alerts using Twilio integration however it would be nice to add a few more details to the SMS for our purpose which are not included in the standard variable list.
I understand the list of standard variables derive information from the booking tab usually depicted as {$CUSTOMER_EMAIL}.
I have created several customer field entries using radio buttons and filters etc. I have attempted to include several of these customer fields in the SMS notification taking the data from the developer console and adding to the notification such as {$PICKUP_TIME) however no data appears in the sms. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly or need to add more detail as well as {$PICKUP_TIME) as this is a filtered radio button that when clicked displays selectable time boxes on the booking form.

Any ideas?


  • This feature was requested back in 2015, but it doesn't appear anything has been done about it since:
  • Well I played around a little more with this tonight and a few beers always helps the brain  ;)
    I have found out that all of the email and sms variables are based on back end coding within the booking form itself, particularly the ID value you have assigned to a custom data set within the create or edit form field. For instance if you have created a unique ID being car type it will display in the ID line of the create or edit form field as car_type. In order to import this customer entered data into the email or sms variables all you need to do is display it as {$CAR_TYPE) and then whatever value your customer enters into the text field will display within your email or text message. This also works with multiple choice radio buttons as in my application however I haven't tried any others.

    Anyway I thought I would post the solution to try and save others several hours of trial and error.
  • Here is a link that can help, and basically, explains what DjDevOps just said:
  • Correct and also works for SMS although they don't specifically mentions SMS within the support document
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    I've notified our Technical Writing team that our SMS document should include more guidance on custom form field variables.

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