Updating of Customer Profile's fields


so, if you have created a custom field on your booking form and checked "Attach this field to the customer profile", this will be created and filled with the value when a customer makes his 1st booking.

If a customer returns to make another booking in the future, this value will be retrieved, and will pre-fill the field automactically (which is great!).

But if then the customer put a new value during this new booking, the value in his profile is not updated.
Which means that when he'll make another newer booking, it will recall the very first value entered, not the "latest".

In some cases, this is good.
But there are other cases when this field should be updated every new booking.

Could this be an option in the settings of a custom field? (like "update value on every booking")
This would be transparent for the customer.

And/or leave the option to the customer to decide if the newest value should be saved in his profile ?
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