Integration with POS and CRM

Hi everyone, 

we are looking for a solution to integrate Checkfront booking with a POS system and a CRM. I already set-up a Zapier sync to add contacts to a CRM, but a few things are missing: 
- a POS software wit loyalty program
- synchronization between the POS and Checkfront
- synchronization between POS, CRM and Chedkfront

What we want to achieve is very obvious:  save the clients that books via Checkfront into our CRM, get the POS updated with the data of clients and synchronize back Checkfront and the CRM when the client buy something at our venue.

I made a few tests using Zapier, Integromat, a bunch of different CRM, Google Sheets, Dropbox but nothing is really working. Any suggestion? We would like to avoid subscription bases web-app because we already pay many monthly licenses and we are still growing, so, if you have ideas or suggestions I would be very happy to receive some.



  • Dear Alberto
     We have integrated with the local POS system however our system is subscription based so you'll have to pay money. 

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