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Dear Checkfront,

I dont think this is alot to ask but can you please update the changelog along the way as updates are pushed out.
You have now once again, pushed out a whole list of changelog items for January, March, April and May...

It helps us much more to know what is changed 1 update at a time.
Silently updating and changing only the version number without a changelog does NOT HELP, and keeps us in the dark for months.
And then releasing a changelog that contains 5-6 version at 1 single time is JUST CONFUSING...


  • Not sure if I understood correctly what you said, but here is the 2 pages about "updates" I know of:

    - top menu: click on your login name then "updates" and it takes you to this page:

    - now, if you go on the top menu Manage / System then on the 3rd line "updates", it take you there (which is a more up to date version)

    I hope this helps
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    looks like there are 2 update lists. but one is not updated...

  • Hey everyone, Kendra here - I'm a new Product Manager at Checkfront. We are really excited to be rolling out a new updates page and in-app notification system in the next few weeks to keep y'all updated in real-time on what's new. 

    As we release you'll get a badge in-app that there is new content (from important bug fixes to new features and big announcements). The updates page will also be transformed from version numbers to specific entries about what's new. Here's a sneak peek of the new page!

    Stay tuned!  B) 
    - Kendra
  • We just went live with our new in-app updates notification system! Check it out and let me know what you think. ✨
  • very nice! i think this is a big step forward :-)
  • nice indeed.
  • So happy to hear :) - Definitely don't hesitate to reach out if the team can further help, iterate, or improve how we're sending updates your way!
  • Yes, the updates system is much better.
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