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Is it possible to edit bookings via the API?  I see booking/[booking_id]/update in the documentation, but I do not see a parameter for editing items, dates, etc.  Or do I need to create a new booking with the new information?

Also, how long do booking session exists if it is never used to create a booking? Are booking session destroyed when a booking is created with the session id? Thanks.


  • Hello kg567,

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    It is not currently possible to edit the items of an existing booking using the API. One option would be to cancel the existing booking and create a new booking with the adjusted items. Or, you would need to log into the Checkfront dashboard and make the changes to the booking manually.

    A booking session will expire after ~30-minutes of inactivity.

    Yes, creating a booking with a session will "consume" that session ID.

    I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any more questions. Or, reach out anytime to support@checkfront.com.

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