Making a product / tour unavailable rather than sold out

If one of our tours is no longer available to book we would like it to show as unavailable on our booking page on the website. At the moment we have to reduce the number of seats available so that it shows as Sold Out but this is not ideal. The only other way we can do it is to create an Item Event and remove it completely but this is confusing for the customer. 

Is there a way to show it as Unavailable?

Thanks :)


  • In my Checkfront, using an Item Event doesn't remove the item completely, but simply shows it as unavailable.
  • Hi Jenny,

    I hope you're doing well today. My name is Jay and I'll be helping you out with your question today.

    There are two ways we can display the item as "Unavailable" rather than sold out. The simplest would be to change the "Sold Out" label under Manage > Layout > Booking Page as seen here. What this will do is change the red Sold Out label to Unavailable whenever the item's inventory is reduced to 0.

    Another option would be to change the booking page to display your unavailable items. This can also be done under Manage > Layout > Booking Page as seen here. With this setting, all items that are unavailable will still be displayed beneath your active items. This includes items made unavailable using item events and the default availability status in the item's pricing page.

    I hope that helps! If you have any further questions feel free to reply or reach out to us at and my team and I will be happy to help. :)

    Jay Coughlan

    Technical Support Specialist

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