Invoice Numbering - Sequential - Consecutive numbering of the Booking ID please for Xero integration

Dear Support

We have just gone live with Checkfront and use the Xero integration.  The invoice created in Xero from Checkfront uses the 'Booking ID' in Checkfront as the invoice number in Xero.  This is a random number made up of 4 letters and then the date.

UK tax law requires invoice numbers to be sequential - "Unique invoice number that follows on from the last invoice"

Can consideration please be given to re structuring Checkfront so that if the Booking ID constitutes as sequential number, following on from the last Booking ID.  

e.g. CH-0000250, CH-0000251, CH-0000252 etc

Or, some other mechanism which produces sequential invoice numbers in Xero via the integration

I have found a post in the 'Checkfront Booking Manager' section of the forum which mentions this and Laura from Checkfront replies to say this is already a feature request however, I have not been able to find such a feature request.  My apologies if I have missed it somewhere

I very much hope this can be achieved pleased

Many thanks



  • Please CheckFront, consider this LEGAL EUROPEAN REQUIREMENT!

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