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Good Morning,

I was wondering when the next phase of updates are going to be released. Part of the selling points of checkfront is that there are several updates released a year and it is continually developing. 
There have been no updates since November of 2018 and considering we are in April 2019 now and the list of feature requests is getting ever longer it is worry that the development seems to have stalled considerably.

Can you give me any idea of future releases and time scales involved although th platform works well their is always room for improvement.



  • Hey @simoncmo! Thanks for reaching out! We deploy multiple times a week, and we're currently doing a lot of back end dev work as we work towards the early milestones of our next major release - resource management. While we are choosing not to pursue the creation or release of a public facing roadmap at this time, we're always interested in learning more about what's important to you. I'm glad to hear that our platform is working well for you so far, but you are right - there is always room for improvement, and we are committed to continuing to build upon and improve our platform so that we can deliver maximum value to our customers. Please shoot us an email at support@checkfront.com, so we can chat further about which feature requests are most important to you! :) 

    Director of Technical Support, Checkfront 
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