Formating the waivers

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way we could format the waivers ? I would like to have text and field in columns. We have a medical questionnaire of about 50 questions (dive school) and it makes that waiver extremely long, and forces the end user to scroll quite a bit to get through it. Would it be possible to have two columns with radio buttons to make it a bit more presentable ? I was also wondering about integrating our logo and the one of the federation we represent.
Thanks for your feedback.


  • RyanRyan Checkfront
    Hi Harold,

    Great question! My name is Ryan‍. I'd be happy to help you out with this.

    The waiver template builder doesn't have a column option at this point in time, however, you can use the HTML editor view instead. Here you can use a standard HTML table to create columns on your Waiver.   See Video

    Here is an example of a standard HTML table that you can use in your waiver:
    ​<h2>Basic HTML Table</h2>
    <table style="width:100%;">
     <th>{$field id="name"}
     <th>{$field id="email"}
     <td>{$field id="region"}
     <td>{$field id="phone"}

    Thanks for reaching out, Harold! Feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions, any of my teammates here at Checkfront Support or myself would be happy to help at any time! 

    Happy Bookings!

    Technical Support Training Lead

  • Thanks, that sorts me out fine ;)
  • To all of you (like me) that are slow writing in HTML I recommend this online tool (wordtohtml) that saved me a lot of time !
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