Multiple HTML5 Droplet issue

Hi there,

First we would like to say that Reeflex Divers Penida, is very excited at the perspective of putting Checkfront in place on it's website and also in our front office to facilitate our workflow. In that perspective I will have a few questions to get things working nice. 

First of which ... :P

I am having a bit of an issue with the integration of droplets in our website.
I am working on this page (below), and as you'll see the droplets are not loading (searching for availability).

I use a Wordpress site, but as I understand it (a trial confirmed it) I cannot have more than one shortcode per page as the WP plugin does not yet allow it, by the way this would be a great feature ;)

So I resorted to add HTML5 / Ajax widgets, and took care of changing the div ID for each widget (so each have unique IDs) and it worked fine for a little bit. But coming back to the site this morning to add other widgets I realised those already in place were also not loading properly.

I really need to be able to integrate several widget per page, due to the structure of our site, and how the information is presented.
Does any one here have a workaround for this issue or can help in debugging ?

Thanks for your help.


  • Update: the bug on the ajax script was caused by one of my plugins. Would still be interested in an upgrade of the wordpress plugin though ;)
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