Multiple Booking Options for a Single Resource


I have a Boat Rental operation and we are running into a problem with offering some of our booking options while maximizing the full value of our resources. 

We offer a total of 3 boats for rent on a daily basis. Those boats are offered in 2 package options; 1. is a 2.5 hour rental (same boat rents 2 times to equal a 5 hour) and 2. is a 5 hour rental (our most popular)

We want to be able offer 1 boat for the 2.5 hour option while also offering the option for all 3 boats to be rented on the 5 hour option on any given day. 

The problem that we are running into with the basic "alias" system is that we will book more than 1 of the 2.5 hour options at the same time and thus limiting the availability for a 5 hour to be booked. We have found that this drastically reduces our revenue. 

The question is; how can we offer all 3 boats (a single resource) in multiple products while limiting availability between products?

Our current set up that is not ideal:
Made 2 separate resources
2.5 Hour Boat rental available at 7am and 1030am. Limited to 1 available inventory
5 Hour Boat rental available at 7am and 8am. Limited to 2 available inventory

This totals 3 but restricts the possibility of selling 3x5hour Rentals on a day when demand is higher for 5 hour rentals. 

any help will be appreciated. 


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