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I have a Boat Rental operation and we are running into a problem with offering some of our booking options while maximizing the full value of our resources. 

We offer a total of 3 boats for rent on a daily basis. Those boats are offered in 2 package options; 1. is a 2.5 hour rental (same boat rents 2 times to equal a 5 hour) and 2. is a 5 hour rental (our most popular)

We want to be able offer 1 boat for the 2.5 hour option while also offering the option for all 3 boats to be rented on the 5 hour option on any given day. 

The problem that we are running into with the basic "alias" system is that we will book more than 1 of the 2.5 hour options at the same time and thus limiting the availability for a 5 hour to be booked. We have found that this drastically reduces our revenue. 

The question is; how can we offer all 3 boats (a single resource) in multiple products while limiting availability between products?

Our current set up that is not ideal:
Made 2 separate resources
2.5 Hour Boat rental available at 7am and 1030am. Limited to 1 available inventory
5 Hour Boat rental available at 7am and 8am. Limited to 2 available inventory

This totals 3 but restricts the possibility of selling 3x5hour Rentals on a day when demand is higher for 5 hour rentals. 

any help will be appreciated. 


  • Hi AlohaOutdoors, 

    Thanks for your question! 

    Setting up item management to track resources such as boats can be done by using Aliasing and/or Hidden Packages. This works best for simple Item management. We are currently working on a feature that will address more extensive resource management scenarios, so please stay tuned! 

    Each item management use case is unique, so I'd love to chat further about this. Can you give us a shout at This way, our Technical support team can dive into your specific set up further, and we can figure out a solution that'll work best for you. 

    Here are some helpful links to learn more about these parts of Checkfront:

    I'll be keeping an eye out for your reply! 


  • Hi AlohaOutdoors

    You are not alone. We run a kayak company with exactly the same issue. With 3 guides and 10 kayaks some of which are singles and others doubles we need to manage bookings of a half day tour a full day tour and hourly rentals. Despite their suggested workarounds using hidden packages - which is incredibly convoluted - its currently impossible in Checkfront to balance more than the most basic of permutations.

    So we've all been waiting for Checkfront to implement their Resource Management for a long time. They first posted about it about three or four years ago, but despite all the promises such as you have received here, there is still no sign that Resource Manager will actually be available anytime soon. 

    I like Checkfront for other reasons, so I hope that they do sort it soon as it is not fair that they keep responding with a promise to deliver something and then fail to meet that promise.
  • edited October 2019
    It's been nearly four year since they mentioned they were working on it:
    December 2015: "We are currently working on a staff/guide assignment feature ... it is definitely in the works."
    The last mention of it suggested that they were targeting the release for the end of 2018:
    April 2018: "Resource Management is still being worked on. I can confirm that this is no longer something that is being planned or scoped; our development team is actively working on implementing this feature. I still cannot give a definite date for when it will be ready, but the current intention is later this year."
    I've had been looking forward to it for awhile considering it's practically essential for my business but I'm not optimistic anymore that it will be released anytime soon.
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