Delivery / Shipping fee

any update on providing a feature to integrate delivery / shipping fees?

I'm not asking for a tool that calculate a quote, or provides an actual shipping tool, but simply for a way to take into consideration shipping cost and add a line on the invoice (when relevant).

I'm currently doing this using a mandatory item add-on to EACH products!!
It's an ugly workaround, especially when more than 1 item is added to the cart.

I believe I'm not the only business having to ship items, so most likely not the only one interested here.

thanks for an update


  • Hi Dedric,

    Thank you for checking in. I hope you're doing well!

    At this time I do not have an update on the related feature requests that suggest adding shipping fees. With that being said, shipping assignment needs may differ based on the product being shipped as well as what sort of location radius you allow for delivery so there may be a suitable workaround depending on what your business is for and how you have currently have set up Checkfront.

    A possible solution that may work for you is if you charge a flat shipping and delivery rate for items. You could potentially use a tax for this that way it is charged based on the item and it will be separated from the item section and just added at the bottom of the booking summary.

    If that does not sound like it would meet your needs or you would like more details on how to implement this change please feel free to send us an email at with your account information and we will be happy to help further.

    Have a great day!

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Using a "tax" as a workaround is not suitable.

    We should all over Europe, and shipping cost mostly based on the country of destination.
    Quantity of items ordered also modify the shipping cost.

    For our business, the best method would be to be able to "force" a certain item to be booked with every new booking.
    This item could be a parent item, offering a choice [of child items] to the customer (in this case, the choices would the countries we ship to).

    Adding this feature would not only provide a basic way to handle shipping cost, but would also offer the possibility to include any sort of handling fee, mandatory items,...

    From all the posts I've read on the forum, I can see it would serve many many type of businesses...

    I hope this make sense.
    It is really a shame that offering some level of shipping feature is not a priority at all for you guys.
  • The tax workaround doesn't work for delivery purposes either. I really wish it did, but delivery charges for me are based on mileage from the warehouse. The included Tax Amounts are either a percentage of the invoice or a flat fee. We really need some better features here.
  • yes, agreed.

    Shipping feature is one the most important missing feature in my opinion.

    Having an option to "force" a certain item to be automatically added to every new booking would be of great value, as it would allow to manage delivery costs, or any other type of fee on a booking (invoice) level, rather than on a per item level
  • Hi CheckFront.

    Many of us, your Customers, are waiting for a way to manage delivery/shipping cost.
    This thread is now over 1 year old, and I'm sure if I was to dig in the forum, I would find requests on the same matter that are even older.

    So simple question: any chance this feature becomes a reality in the NEAR future ?

    Thank you for your honest and direct answer.
  • Adding a line item for shipping fees has been requested as far back as 2014.
  • Hi @Dedric and @parawing742

    Thanks for your comments. We're here to be a leading booking software for experience providers, and while I understand that having the ability to manage delivery/shipping costs is important to you, it's not currently a sought-after or highly requested feature for the vast majority of our customer base. Our Product team validates and prioritizes feedback that has the highest impact on our customers, and therefore, it is unlikely this feature will be prioritized or delivered in the near feature. I hope this provides some clarification for you both. Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback - I appreciate it. 

    Director of Technical Support

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