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I have a client in the Directory which has Language=Empty. Let's say I want to create a new booking for that client. In the booking form I choose booking_language=Chinese. After booking is completed I receive an email in English (apparently default language). How can I make Checkfront send it in Chinese language (means booking_language)?


  • Hi Andrey,

    Thanks for your question. This is a very interesting topic!

    The customer language feature does have different behaviors when it comes to emails between a staff account email and a customer email.

    For staff emails, you will receive the default language of your Checkfront account. In this case, it would be English. For your customers, however, they would receive it in Chinese as picked by the booking language you selected when making the booking. 

    Staff members can choose the language appropriately and it will send the customer the correct translations. It doesn't send the same when it comes to emails linked to a staff account.

    I hope this helps!

  • What is the difference between staff emails and customer emails? It looks like we are dealing only with customers' ones. What we are doing is we are choosing a customer from the Directory and create a booking for him. Is it called staff emails?
  • Hi Andrey,

    There are slight differences to emails that get sent to a staff email and emails that get sent to a customer email. One of the differences is in the language in which the notification will be in.

    That wouldn't be necessarily called staff emails. May I ask if the notification that is sending to your customers also has staff listed as being recipients as well? In most cases, the staff also gets a copy of the email but this can vary based on how the notification is created. You can find this information under Manage -> Notifications.

    I'd be happy to take a closer look at your account as well by emailing us at

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