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Dear all,

Since last night, the Dutch implementation of Checkfront on our website shows a nonsense text on the booking/reservation button. It shows "Kies je huurdatum" which means "Choose your rental day". This makes absolute no sense for a website where tickets are sold.

Since this happened, our conversion rates went down and the amount of questions regarding functionality in our inbox is sky high. Unfortunately, there's no option in the Checkfront admin to change this text.

Could someone please advice how to correct this erroneous text?

Many thanks in advance.



  • Hi Luc,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    Checkfront relies on 'crowdsourcing' for many of our translations. This means that any Checkfront user is able to add to the language translations as well as change the existing translations. So, it was actually another Checkfront user that made this change.

    We do log all changes that are made, so we can take action if someone is making inappropriate changes. But if you are concerned about the public translation being changed then there is an option to use a 'private' translation.

    To do this, you can go to Manage > Languages > Checkfront Translations > Create Private Translation. You can then select what base language to use. Using private translations will ensure that other users cannot change the text being used in your account. Furthermore, if you do want to make a change to any of the text that may be somewhat specific to your account, you can do so within the private translation without affecting others.

    It looks the text for the 'Reserve' button has already been corrected by another user. But please let me know if it is changed again and we can contact the account that is making changes to ensure they understand they are using a public translation. You can contact us at anytime.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • hey,
    we had the same problem many times in german version. Some funny guy re-named the booking button to complete nonsense. 

    You should really change to private translation. Its more easy than it sounds like. 

    @checkfront: its not crowdsourcing if everyone can do what he wants!!! There is no crowd!!  And honestly you should give eveyone a private translation from start. Its the worst case conversion killer if someone renames "booking" in "order pizza here" ... and not every user is checking the name of the buttons every day - im sure 90 % of the checkfront users dont even know about private translation. And if you miss 3 weeks of bookings because 1 funny guy wants to sell pizza is really bad. 

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