Feature Request -- Link Flat Fee to Discount Code

My client has 15 rooms in their hotel, including standalone cottages, so pricing varies among the different spaces.

Part of their business is providing rooms at "industry rate" for a flat fee of $95, regardless of room. This is for tradespeople who travel (e.g. telephone line repair folks). It's a good way to fill up rooms midweek in our remote area.

Right now there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the system "If the user has a particular discount code, the room rate should be $95 regardless of the date, day of the week, or room."

This could be accomplished in 2 ways (as the pros you can probably think of more). 1) In the discount code area, include an option where, instead of a percentage or fixed amount removed from the price, the regular price is replaced with a new fixed amount. In this case anyone with the code INDUSTRY would automatically be charged $95/night for their room.

2) Incorporate discount codes into item events. In the discount code setup a third option would be Item Event: New Price. In the Item Event the conditions would be tied to the code, and set up to create a new price for all rooms, every day, but only when someone is using the code INDUSTRY. Then we could go into each room Item and set $95 for the price.

This client is new to CheckFront and while there are some features they are loving, I'm also hearing a lot about these types of tasks that were possible/easier in their last system. I hope they stick with CF as I think it's the best experience for web users available.

Anybody else interested in a way to override a price and use a standard rate across all rooms?




  • Hi Torrey,

    Thank you for this idea!

    Just want to make sure I have understood correctly - it would be preferred that if the end user knows of this promo code that applying it gives them the changed rate across all applicable items?

    How does this client verify that the customer is eligible for the 'industry rate'?

    I am wondering if customer accounts are tied into this somehow - for example, a way that you can apply an item event to only certain customer accounts.

    Looking forward to learning more about this client's discounting process for this particular type of customer of theirs.

    Thank you!

    Checkfront Support Team
  • We also asked for this...2 years ago. We have pre-negotiated rates with all of our business clients.  The  Discount Codes are of no use at all for this so we have to enter the amount manually and then continue to recalculate manually every time we make a change to the reservation. It also makes it impossible to allow business clients to make their own reservations.
  • I need pre-negotiated rates as well. I would like the discount to be applied at the customer profile level. That way I don't have to manually adjust the rates or apply a clumsy discount code workaround.
  • I'd like to put my name down for this feature request too!
    that'd be more than useful.
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi all,

    I've logged each of your names onto our existing feature request for customer account specific discounts.

    Thank you!
    Technical Support Specialist
    Checkfront | www.checkfront.com/contact | Email: support@checkfront.com
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